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"Liv is a rare and wonderful human and creative. Passionate. Big thinking. Strategic. And best of all, she has the most authentic people-first management approach. She’s both a leader and a collaborator, which is a joy to experience. Incredibly adept at project managing, problem-solving, and new uses of media while having a next-level aesthetic, she is someone you want on—or leading—your team. Her creative energy is infectious, and I truly can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with her again." - Arrabelle Stavroff, Lululemon, Copy Director

"Liv is an incredible leader and collaborator. She is always up for a challenge, willing to help think through creative solutions, and always keeps a positive atmosphere full of gratitude. Her ability to bring a team together is truly remarkable. As my direct manager during her time at VRAI, she guided me through many projects from concept to delivery and I’d happily work with her again in the future." - Joshua Barringer, VRAI, Copy Director

"Liv is not just a leader, but an inspiring mentor who has played a pivotal role in unlocking my and our team's creative potential. Liv's leadership style is characterized by her unwavering support and encouragement for innovative ideas. She actively collaborates with the team to ensure that we deliver our best work. Since I started working alongside Liv, I have been motivated to strive for excellence and constantly push myself to bring forward fresh and exciting ideas.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working with Liv is her recognition of my contributions. Her acknowledgment of my efforts has greatly motivated me and enhanced my overall work experience.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity that I had to work with Liv and be a part of her team that values creativity, collaboration, and excellence."  - Farah Rezaee, VRAI, Performance Marketing Video Editor

"Liv is an exceptionally talented director who excels in design, creativity, and people management. She consistently goes above and beyond in everything she does. One of Liv’s greatest strengths is leading with kindness. She is a true leader and always willing to listen and help the team. She has my highest recommendation, and I am confident that she will exceed your expectations." - Andy Luong, VRAI, Art Director

“The classic beauty of lace is a natural match for exceptional design, especially when it is resolutely modern in style, as exemplified in the special collection of accessories created by Liv Hart. We love the delicacy of her work, the exquisite attention to detail, demonstrating a woman's touch. Our lace and Liv's creations share the same commitment to timeless elegance.” - Romain Lescroart, Sophie Hallette, CEO 

Lacemaker for Chanel, Valentino, Erdem, etc.

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